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Jax - 30ml Jax - 30ml

Jax- While trying to find the perfect flavor for our beloved Jax we decided on a melon concoction. Because we knew Jax loves melons, and so will you...

***This is a Max VG Juice

Our Price: $18.99
Tig - 30ml Tig - 30ml

Tig has always stayed loyal to the club. Just two things are a must. Don't make him go around dolls, and don't let him miss his favorite morning breakfast. Often referred to as being a little fruity, so is his favorite cereal.

Our Price: $18.99
All New - Chibs - 30ml All New - Chibs - 30ml

Chibs- aka "The Scot" was not always a Sgt. Of Arms, Vice President, or President of the club. Prior to becoming one of SAMCRO'S most invaluable assets he was in fact a family man. We often see him reminiscing of when he was a husband to Fiona and a father to Kerrianne. Is he thinking of Sunday morning breakfasts together consisting of Hot waffles, complete with melting butter and Irish syrup? You will be when you Vape this yummy memory of this former IRA militant.

Our Price: $18.99
All New - Opie - 30ml All New - Opie - 30ml

Our beloved Brother who lived and died by the code. When the chips were down all he said was " I got this ". He died protecting his club. He was the Doc Holiday to our Jax, and was already ready to be his huckleberry. We weren't sure how to make a huckleberry but in remembrance of this giant teddy bear we present you with this amazing blueberry delight.

Our Price: $18.99