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Uptown Vapor Freak Show Uptown Vapor Dream Catcher Laney Bugs Berries
Uptown Vapor Freak Show
Our Price: $18.99
Laney Bugs Berries
Our Price: $18.99
Back in time again. In the kitchen of King Henry the 8th in England. Henry enjoys sweets. Since he had so many wives heads cut off, the cook was always nervous when he requested "something new". He had literally tried everything. One day she threw flour and butter in a bowl when she picked up the milk and poured it in it was actually creamy vanilla. So she grabbed another 2 types of vanilla. Ultimately creating caramel that was infused with several very different vanillas! She served it to the King and awaited his response. She was happy to keep her head another day! Enjoy this vape from the recipe above passed down through generations to one of our vape artists. And it took a lot to get it out past The King's guards through time to now. Enjoy. Long Live The Queen! A Strawberry milk with a cinnamon bite! A delicious berry concoction that is sure to please!!!